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Uluru and surrounds

Amongst the remarkable landscape of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park over 150 species of birds exist.

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Alice Springs and surrounds

Whether it's the raucous screech of a cockatoo or the melodic call of a pied butcher bird, the sight of dashing emus or the vivid plume of a hundred budgerigars flying overhead, birdlife is a prominent part of life in the Red Centre.

Tennant and Barkly

Wide open skies, biologically diverse waterholes, lakes and grassland reserves make this region a breeding ground for many unique species of birdlife.

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The natural diversity of the Katherine region ensures habitats for a wide range of birds. From tropical savannahs to monsoonal spring-fed forests, the climate and landscape make it one of the Australia's top birding destinations.

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Kakadu National Park is home to one third of Australia’s bird species, with at least 60 species found in the wetlands alone. 
The rising waters of the wet season signal the beginning of the breeding season for many water birds. Walking trails and lookout platforms are located throughout the park offering quality bird watching opportunities in this diverse environment.

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Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land is comprised of a variety of eco-systems including monsoon woodlands, mangrove tidal forests, grassy flood plains, estuarine environments, and coastal areas encouraging a huge range of bird species in a remote and untouched area

Darwin and Surrounds

Wander through the lush grounds of the Darwin botanic Gardens, East Point or Casuarina coastal reserve. There are many locations within a 100km drive from Darwin to spot some of the most elusive birds such as the Rainbow Pitta or the Rufous owl. Download the Darwin Birding Trails brochure here.


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Red Centre Bird festival

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Mick Jerram
Mick Jerram

A local birder from Katherine, Mick Jerram specialises in the surounding rivers and woodlands of the Top End's Tropical Savannah. Mick's company, NT immersions, provides opportunities to see over 230 species including local specialties such as Gouldian Finch, Hooded Parrot, Northern Crested Shrike-tit and Red Goshawk. Birders can spend an intensive 1 day 'Big Day Out' or encompass the wider region for between 3 and 10 days.

Luke Peterson
Luke Paterson

Luke has built his tourism industry experience and reputation over 16 years, guiding exceptional tours in remote outback Northern Territory. Luke has an in depth knowledge of the natural and cultural environments of these areas. His attention to detail and amazing ability to spot wildlife from a far has earned him a reputation for having 'hawk eyes'. Guests and past employers commend his professionalism, reliability and great company on tour.

Laurie Ross
Laurie Ross

Laurie, originally from New Zealand, now calls the beautiful city of Darwin home and is a passionate and self-taught Nature and Bird photographer. Laurie specialises in finding rare and endemic birds that are usually hard to find and sharing with his clients. With over 8 years of local knowledge of Darwin and surrounds, Laurie will be able to find some life birds in some amazing areas that only the locals know about.

Mike Jarvis
Mike Jarvis

Mike Jarvis has been a nature enthusiast from earliest memories. On visiting Darwin for the first time, Mike was amazed to find the bush alive with new sounds and unfamiliar trees. Mike built up a working knowledge of the bird species and their calls and took over Experience the Wild taking birding tours out of Darwin. With decades of research, observation and wildlife experiences behind him, he enjoys the privilege of sharing this with others by leading tours to wild places in Darwin and the Top End.

Mark Carter
Mark Carter

Mark is a Scottish-Australian zoologist and guide resident in Alice Springs, NT. An expert birder, a skilled tracker and bioacoustics pioneer, Mark works on arid-zone species from across the animal kingdom from rare parrots to Land Snails, via Bats and Bilbies. Her provides specialists birding and wildlife guiding services in Central Australia and beyond.


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